Seven Ways to Transport Your Kayak

Seven Ways to Transport Your Kayak

Kayaking is a wonderful way to explore the world around you. Kayaking through the open waters, seeing what nature has to hold, and feeling the fresh air is an experience that many, many people love. However, kayaking isn’t always easy. While it is fairly straightforward when it comes to putting the kayak on the water and putting yourself in the kayak, getting the kayak from your house to your destination is a little bit more of a problem.

After all, kayaks aren’t really small. In fact, they are quite large, and this can make it difficult to transport a kayak safely and securely. Unless you have a very large car that you can fold down the seats, storing the kayak in your car usually isn’t an option. If you do not have roof racks on your car, then tying down the kayak is also ruled out. This can leave you feeling at a loss as to how you can get your kayak from one place to another.

Thankfully, there are several ways that you can go about solving this problem. While some of these solutions are better for certain situations than others, each and every one of these solutions is important to consider. Whether you simply need to invest in roof racks, or you need to purchase a new type of kayak entirely, such as an inflatable kayak, there will surely be a way that you can transport your kayak from your home to the open waters so that you can enjoy your time kayaking.

  1. Buying a Roof Rack

Sometimes, the best solution is going to be the most straightforward one. Generally, people transport their kayaks with a roof rack, tying down the kayak and attaching it to the rack. However, if your car doesn’t have a roof rack, you can’t really tie it down. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to purchase a roof rack, although there are still things you will need to consider. When you are choosing a roof rack, you will need to keep in mind how heavy the roof rack is, and how much weight it can support. You will want to make sure your car can handle the roof rack, and the roof rack can handle the kayak. Of course, you will also need to make sure that the roof rack fits your car, as well as the kayak. This will involve a considerable amount of measuring, but it will be well worth it in the end. Not only will you be able to use the roof rack for transporting your kayak, but you will also be able to transport other materials as well. Purchasing a roof rack for your car is going to be the most versatile way to go about fixing your issue with transporting a kayak.

  1. Transporting Multiple Kayaks

Now that you have invested in a roof rack that you can use to transport your kayak, there is one more issue. What if you have two kayaks to transport, but only enough room for one kayak on the roof. I have found that this problem is relatively easy to solve, thankfully. For this, it is simply a matter of space. Hopefully, your kayaks are going to be similarly shaped. The best way to go about this problem, that I have found, is to stack the two kayaks on top of each other and tie them both down from the middle and both ends. This solves the problem of not having enough space on your roof, while also ensuring that you can transport both kayaks to your destination. Now you will be able to kayak along the waters with someone special to you. The biggest issue that I have faced with this is lifting both kayaks up over my head to stack them on top of each other, but with enough determination, I am able to find a way to do this. However, I still prefer being able to store the kayaks in my car, rather than having them on the roof, and thankfully, there is a way to get this done: with an inflatable kayak.

Advanced Elements Pro Angler Inflatable Kayak

  1. Investing in Inflatable Kayaks

There are many, many different types of kayaks that you can choose from. Various colors, patterns, designs, and materials await you. However, there are also different kayaks in the sense that you can simply inflate them. These kayaks are going to be the best for transporting. After all, when they are deflated, I can simply store them in the back of my car alongside any other luggage I have. This also means that I can pack enough kayaks for the entire family to use, without the fear of not having enough space. No matter how large your car is, you will easily be able to handle transporting a kayak when the kayak is inflatable. You will simply need to make sure that you have a way to inflate the kayak when you reach your destination, but this is a problem that I was easily able to solve. Inflatable kayaks are also relatively easy to store in your home as well, so you won’t have to worry about that either.

  1. Transporting More Than Two Kayaks

Kayaking along the river can be a wonderful family excursion, assuming you can bring all the kayaks with you. If I wanted to transport three, even four kayaks on the roof of my car, trying to stack the kayaks on top of each other would become incredibly troublesome, especially with high winds and trying to tie them down. Thankfully, there are better ways to store multiple kayaks on a long trip. For an inflatable kayak, you can simply make sure that the kayaks are sealed, properly folded, and you have a vacuum bag large enough to fit the entire kayak. You will want to be careful with this, so as not to damage the kayak itself, but this can save you a significant amount of space in your car. This is even better if you are like me, and you have a small sedan rather than a large SUV to carry the kayaks in. With that being said, if you have a large SUV and a roof rack along with it, you will want to store the kayaks on their sides. There are many reasons for this. One, the kayaks are stronger on their sides, and transporting them this way will prevent warping. Additionally, it will allow you to transport closer to three or four kayaks at once, depending on the width of the car and the kayaks.

Tequila Solo/Tandem take-apart Kayak Or Modular Kayak

  1. Buying Another Type of Kayak

Just as there are several different types of kayaks, including the inflatable ones, there are also take-apart kayaks. As the name suggests, these kayaks are ones that you can, quite literally, take apart. This essentially halves their length, making them far easier to store. Space can still get crowded in a smaller car, but it makes things much easier. Take-apart kayaks are just as sturdy as typical kayaks, so you don’t have to worry about that. If you are looking to an example of a high-quality take-apart kayak, this is one that you should look at first: One thing that you will love about these kayaks is you are able to buy a tandem kayak that can also be used as a solo kayak. Just leave out the extra seat section and you have yourself a solo kayak. With as many kayaks as there are, finding a way to handle transporting a kayak quickly becomes easy.

  1. Carrying a Kayak

This solution is very particular, so keep this in mind. If you are close to the water, or you have a very light kayak, such as an inflatable kayak, then you can consider this as an option. You will also want to have two people for this, unless you know that you can balance the entire kayak on your shoulders, without it dragging too much on the ground. Carrying a kayak is a quick, simple way of transporting a kayak down to the water. For instance, if you are at a lake house and you have kayaks, you can simply carry the kayaks down to the lake to enjoy your kayaking adventures. You will need to keep in mind that kayaks can be heavy, especially the heavier duty ones, so be sure you know what you and your friends can handle in terms of carrying a kayak. Depending on the kayak, you can also carry it by the grab handle. With this method, I have found that I can carry two at once, as long as another friend grabs the other end. While this solution is particular, it is very efficient.

Multiple kayaks on a Trailer

  1. Putting the Kayak in a Trailer

Finally, there is the option of putting the kayak in a trailer. This is actually a wonderful option, if you find that you have a trailer on hand. If you don’t have one already watch sites like Craigslist for old jet ski trailers or shorter trailers. With a trailer, it becomes much easier to store the kayaks. I personally don’t enjoy lifting a kayak over my head to strap it down onto the car, especially when the kayaks are heavy. With a trailer, I don’t have to do this. Instead, all I have to do is make sure that the kayaks are secured so that don’t bump around too much, and I will be good to go. The biggest issue with this is knowing how to drive with a trailer attached to the car, as some people don’t always feel comfortable with this. But, it might be worth it when you don’t have to struggle and groan with transporting a kayak. These are some of the most efficient ways to transport a kayak, no matter if you want to deal with lifting a kayak onto the roof, investing in an inflatable kayak, or simply finding another place to put the kayaks while you transport them.

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