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About Us

Columbia Kayaks is an online-only retailer that ships its' kayaks from warehouses all over the nation. Our specialty is customer service. Some of the brands we work with sell thousands of kayaks in a month and can get very busy. We are here to help answer your questions and offer a solid line of communication about your orders and kayak needs.

Have you ever caught a monster salmon on a kayak? Being pulled up and down the river, drag being spooled, and finally landing a beautiful fish. This is why Columbia Kayaks was created - to get you off the shore and on the water. Growing up, I was always stuck on the shore looking out into the water. One day a friend let me borrow his kayak. I don’t know if you still remember the first day you tried a kayak, but my body was tight, and I was nervous.

After I hit the water that day I never looked back. I love to kayak fish and stroll up and down the rivers. It is peaceful and connects you with nature in a way that can't be done from the shore. We at Columbia kayaks are here to help you reach places and experiences you have never been. Get off the shore, whether you like to fish or just ride off into the sunset, a kayak will separate you from the land lovers.

Our goal is to inspire safe, recreational fun while supporting the growth of the kayaking community. At the end of the day, we want to provide great products, great customer service, and a great love for kayaking.


At Columbia Kayaks, we pride ourselves on offering only the most impressive brands of kayaks and kayak accessories. Our focus is on the overall quality of our brands, which we like to measure using kayak performance, brand distinction, and above all customer satisfaction. We won’t sell you something that we won’t use ourselves which is why at Columbia Kayaks, you know you’re getting unmatched quality - because it was hand-picked by us, for you.