The Ultimate Kayaking Bookmark Page

This page is full of useful links that will help you become a better kayaker. We want to be able and help you find a kayaking that is comfortable and fits your needs. Most people suggest testing a kayak before you purchase one. Most of the time this is the best thing to do. But that doesn't always work if the one you want isn't at a local retailer. If you now what you want in a kayak purchasing one online is a great idea. You can save money while having a wider selection to choose from. 

Here at Columbia Kayak we use a Malibu Stealth-12. This kayak was purchased online sight unseen. I can promise you we love this kayak. Listed down below are resources we used to make our purchase. The internet offers unbiased reviews and testimonials. Whenever you purchase a  kayak don't listen to the sells person listen to the extreme users. The people that have used these kayaks for years.

Purchasing a kayak online can get your head spinning. Taking in a ton of information looking at all the options. We have created this page to keep all your resources in one place. This is ultimate bookmark page for any beginner or advanced kayaker.

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